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Loras (Olive Ridley) Turtle Nesting at Playa Ostional

A must see nature show

These beautiful sea turtles lay from 80 to 100 eggs each, and weigh over 100 pounds and reaching over 2.5 feet long. The Lora turtle may become extinct within the next 20 years if their rate of decline is not stopped. Although chances to see these turtles are possible at any time the main season is between May – Feb with the peak in December but seeing hundreds of turtles at night is very common. Photographs are not permitted after dark so we have afternoon departures so you may view the turtles at sunset as well as night time.

Tour Details

  • Includes: Dinner, snacks, bottled water and fruit juice.
  • Recommendations: Jacket, hiking or running shoes, camera, flashlight, please note that no pictures are allowed after dark.

Price From $109