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Covid 19 Protocols

What we do too protect you

Protocols implemented to protect against Covid-19  – Conchal Hotel

  • Fast check-in is provided with pre-registration.
  • Masks and hand washing obligatory for all persons entering reception and restaurant areas. 
  • All cleaning staff work with face masks, latex gloves.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of rooms prior to entry and when the room is vacated. 
  • Frequent inspection that all alcohol gel dispensers in public bathrooms, and other public areas are available for disinfection.
  • All public areas and swimming pool frequently checked, and all surfaces are disinfected. 
  • Alcohol is applied to all surfaces of access stair handles (walls, handles, mirrors, doors, and the entire contact surface). 
  • The floors are cleaned daily with ammonia solution. 
  • Restaurant: minimum distance between the tables is 1.80 cm. The minimum distance between chairs is 1 meter. Breakfast served in 2 sittings when hotel is at capacity.
  • Disinfection area is provided for use when entering the dining room before consumption. Room service provided (at no extra cost) and at the choice of guests. 
  • All service personnel wear a mask. Crockery, glassware and cutlery is disinfected prior to each use.
  • Parties and large gatherings are strictly prohibited. All group reservations must be from family social bubbles maximum of 10 guests.
  • Any persons not complying with these requirements will be asked to leave immediately.